Top Tips for New Coaches

Here are eight tips to get a new coach, their team and coaching career off to a flying start whether they are about to volunteer to take their first Little League session or making the first career step on a professional journey.

Seek Guidance

Many years of coaching experience are out there and respected trainers are happy to pass it on. There may be a mentor who springs to mind immediately, or asking around other coaches in the local community will identify others who can help a new coach on their way.


Add Structure

More effective than just sending them out there to practise, drills and workouts are particularly good habits for younger players, and get everybody into a routine, building discipline and team spirit.

Become The Expert

The players will look up to the coach and listen to his or her advice, so the coach must earn that authority and live up to the team’s expectations. Use every piece of advice and information from other coaches, in books and video instruction, blogs and discussions online to assimilate the latest expertise and pass it on.


Younger athletes in particular will respond to positive reinforcement to get them through the hard yards of learning technique and building confidence and a love of their sport. Encouragement can also produce the extra effort and dedication that sets a team apart from all its rivals.


Preparation Is Everything

Turn up early, before the team. It looks good, and there’s less chance of scrambling or making plans up at the last minute. Make checklists and detailed plans for sessions and all the supplies and resources that’ll support the players properly.

Teach Well

A good coach should guide, support and motivate. A great coach can inspire, share expertise and teach athletes to be great. Set expectations, and then challenge both team and coach to exceed them.

Set An Example

Work harder than anyone else the players and other coaches have worked with. Demonstrate the drive and dedication from the beginning to make the team train their hardest.

Be Positive

There’ll be new challenges and tough situations, but positive actions will help reduce and overcome any problems. And positivity is such a contagious force, particularly among competitive teams.